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The price of a life 

"A nail-biting thriller about human trafficking and family secrets." Tara magazine


”For those who enjoy reality-based suspense in an international environment, "The Prize for a Life" is a must." Skaraborgsbygden


"Like the previous books in this series, this is a very exciting and moving story, well grounded in the terrifying reality, with many neat twists. Thunberg Schunke's knowledge of international criminal law is put to fantastic use, and adds something to both the plot and the portrayal of the characters. Overall rating: 4, Very good" Library Service

"It is well written, the environments vivid and when I've read I feel both sad and uplifted. Saddened by what poverty forces. Uplifted by the good forces that exist in reality after all, here recast in the world of fictional literature ...” Skaraborgsbygden

"Exciting, well-written and completely impossible to put down. The depiction of crime and people in the poorest parts of Europe is dark and unpleasant. The story is well balanced from becoming too heavy with the help of the two easily lovable protagonists and their immediate surroundings.” Bok_stavligt

“This is a page-turner from start to finish, incredibly skillfully written! I'm hooked right away and can't stop reading. It's so interesting that it takes place on the international stage and crimes that cross national borders, it adds an extra dimension to the tension and it's interesting to read how they work." Alltidenbok

"The author is skilled at creating stories that quickly change direction and have unexpected resolutions. As a reader, you are surprised again and again."


"She's done it again, made me touched, angry and sad." Deckartipset

"This book is both moving and an incredible page-turner." Eftermiddagsboken

"WOW! What a crazy exciting, dizzying stretch book you have offered me ... I feel the strong commitment of the author, it shines brightly throughout the story, may be why the book becomes something much more than a "regular" thriller." Kustboktanten


"I was hooked after the first few pages and it's a page-turner that just can't be put down." Jenny Shima

"The author skillfully uses her knowledge to create credibility, she is an associate professor of criminal law with a specialization in international legal issues, and she continues to develop as a writer of fiction; she uses the tension of fiction to deal with very real cross-border problems in ways that become much more touching and that reaches far more readers than any non-fiction could. This is really exciting all the way to the dramatic end.” Kapprakt

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