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Blind fury

"One of the best thrillers this summer! Thunberg Schunke succeeds again in conveying an interesting and frightening story where criminality branches out across national borders and where people in different positions are faced with moral dilemmas. Esther and Fabia is a sharp duo that is developing. You will look forward to meeting them agian." Maria Näslund, Göteborgs Posten.

“Malin Thunberg Schunke is very skilled at identifying criminal tendencies in society and transforming them into exciting novels.” Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet

“One of the best thrillers of the year.” Erik Hultgren's bookstore

“Efficient and action-packed page-turning style.” Dast Magazine

"Ever since the debut in 2019 with A higher purpose, the author has belonged to the top authors of the genre. That book received the Swedish Crime Academy's debutant prize. Malin Thunberg Schunke continues to capture contemporary phenomena in an informative and exciting way. It is, as usual, dramatic and occasionally there is a surprising sprinkle of humor. This provides a good contrast." Nils Scherman, Svenska Deckarakademin.

“Few writers are as stylistically precise as Malin Thunberg Schunke. With Esther Edh and Fabia Moretti at Eurojust in The Hague, she has Europe as her playing field and with an almost frightening fingertip feeling, she repeatedly puts her finger on current societal problems … It is once again a very well-written current thriller and Malin Thunberg Schunke proves once again that she is one of our best writers when it comes to thrillers.” Frökenmillaskanslaforbocker

"The plot is disturbingly believable." Lotta Olsson, DN.

“It is well written, captivating and exciting with intelligent storytelling techniques that really do the realistic theme honour. Already the approach with a clear European perspective gives this author her own position which she now uses better than ever … The theme fits perfectly with the series' approach and it is so nice to see an author who develops from the successful debut to now come out with the series' best book so far.” Kapprakt

“The social aspect- yes, political aspect - is written into the plot, into the thriller. It is explained and analyzed by and in what happens in the novel. Skillful, to say the least, to succeed with that.” Deckarlogg

“The prologue sets the tone in Malin Thunberg Schunke's latest thriller about Esther Edh and her boss Fabia Moretti at Eurojust in The Hague - I read with a burning sense of anxiety, with a high pulse." Bibbloagneta

“The fourth book about the Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh and her boss Fabia Moretti at Eurojust in The Hague is just as good as the previous books in the series. Or maybe even a little better. Despite sky-high expectations, you will definitely not be disappointed. Few have the same ability to find a current topic and at the same time both problematize it and make it more understandable. Everything is packed in an exciting page turner that is almost impossible to put down.” Bok_stavligt


“The best book in the series.” Bettanbokprataren

“Intensely and breathlessly, I read from cover to cover. Another moving depiction of society that I have a hard time leaving when it was over!” Lotta_boktok

“This is a well-written book with strong characters and high suspense. Read immediately (the whole series)!” anna_bokkonto

"Blind vrede is as well written, exciting and socially critical as the previous books in the series.” Kickibokmal

“A book that is very difficult to put down. Started reading in the afternoon and did not put it down until I was done. Ends with a cliffhanger that makes you long for the next part.” Mias bok

“The whole series about Fabia Moretti and Esther Edh is well written - real turners all four parts. But this is the straw sharper. A world-class book without a doubt. The author succeeds with bravura in letting the reader take part in several different events, which are connected in a smart way. In addition, I love the development of the characters.” Erikas bokhylla

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