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The Outlaws

“Another socially critical and ambitious story about today's Europe after the success of "A Higher Purpose". Exciting, and a frightening picture of life as an outsider.” Göteborgs Posten

​“Malin Thunberg Schunke skilfully and without haste builds up the tension while giving the reader insights into both the seasonal workers' desolate situation and ruthless criminal networks. The outsiders is a successful sequel to an equally successful debut and Thunberg Schunke's great perspective makes what she tells as awful as engaging.” Skånska Dagbladet

​“The author's first book “A Higher Purpose” won the Swedish Crime Academy's debut prize last year. Then the difficult task appears to follow up, to achieve a second that is as good or better. Has she then succeeded in that? Yes, almost I would like to say. Malin Thunberg Schunke shows that she is a thriller writer to be reckoned with, one in the Swedish elite … The author succeeds very well with the balance between social information/criticism, humour and a thriller-like plot. The whole story is dirty, sweaty and outrageous.” Nisse Scherman, Dast Magazine


“The acclaimed debut "A Higher Purpose" impressed with its depiction of the legal implications behind the scenes and in the sequel the author again shows that she knows how to touch the reader. Best: The portrayal of the affected Italian family. For those who appreciate entertainment with social critic.” Maria Näslund, Tara

​“Now I started enthusiastically writing ‘finally a novel that addresses the EU's border problems’, but for some reason it did not sound very attractive from a thriller point of view. Although that's actually what Malin Thunberg Schunke writes about, and believe me, it's exciting too.” Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

​“Many authors have testified that they are worried about their second book, especially if the debut is well received. I can already say here that the concern in this case is unjustified. I hope she continues to put Esther and Fabia on important missions that can teach us readers about important issues with an international connection. Well written too, not to forget.” Leif Rune Strandell, Dast Magazine

“The Outsiders is a suspense-filled eye-opener who challenges and urges reflection on things that are going on in our time, right in front of our eyes. It is precisely the combination of unpleasant truths and cleverly written entertainment that makes Malin Thunberg Schunke's books so very good.” The book blog Johanna's Deckarhörna

​“Something I really like about her is how she uses fiction to bring to life highly real societal problems in a skilful and very well-researched way. What I also like a lot is her ability to build living characters that make these societal problems so touching. I appreciated the reading; much is fantastically good.” Kapprakt

“Last year's best crime debutant is back with a new exciting thriller. Perfect reading for those who like suspense novels with depth.” Johanna Wistedt, Amelia

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