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The price of a life 

The Prize of a life


A woman is found brutally murdered in Greece. The murder victim is American and the wife of a high-ranking Swedish judge. Shortly afterwards comes the news that the couple's five-year-old son has been kidnapped at home in Helsingborg and the kidnappers are demanding a high ransom. A police hunt is launched across Europe to find the perpetrators.

An international investigation team is started at Eurojust with the prosecutor Esther Edh at the head. Esther's boss Fabia Moretti soon sees a connection with an old investigation. The trail leads straight into Europe's darkest and most ruthless criminality. At the risk of their lives, Esther and Fabia approach a group of people who spare no means to sacrifice others and where the price of a life turns out to be too high.


The Price of a Life is a realistic thriller about the unscrupulous trade in human life, dark family secrets and corruption. It is the fifth, independent part in the series about the prosecutors Esther Edh and Fabia Moretti and their fight against international crime.


just a game

An exclusive party on a yacht in the Stockholm archipelago ends in drama. Shortly afterwards, someone contacts Eurojust in The Hague and leaks secret information about serious crimes in a famous football club in London. The tracks lead into a world of money, glamor and success, but when the Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh and her Italian boss Fabia Moretti start investigating the case, they are faced with powerful and unscrupulous opponents. Who is the informant and what motives does he have? Behind the facade, a dark and life-threatening game is going on with the lives of others at stake.

Just a game is a novel about power, betrayal and greed in a world where criminals have only one rule: that there is no rule. It is at the same time a touching story about a strong friendship and about the big dream to succeed. And about how the longing for love can blind you.

Just a game is the third independent part in the series about Esther Edh and Fabia Moretti and their fight against international crime.



A wave of horrific violent crime is hitting Europe. Each time the same strange symbol is found. At Eurojust in The Hague, an investigation team is appointed led by the Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh.

The tracks soon lead to southern Sweden and a breathless battle against the clock begins to prevent more acts of violence. But do they hunt a lone perpetrator? Or are stronger forces pulling the strings?

At the same time, the Italian prosecutor Fabia Moretti is living under death threats from the mafia. When her secret past comes to light, she is forced to confront her demons once and for all.

Blind rage is a dramatic and multi-faceted thriller about the explosive rage that is hidden in society and about what can be triggered when a group of people without any limits find each other. It is at the same time a moving story about individual morality and our need for human relations.

Blind rage is the fourth independent part in the series about Esther Edh and Fabia Moretti and their fight against international crime.

Blind vrede_omslag (002).jpg


When some young foreign seasonal workers disappear in the Italian countryside, an international investigation team is set up, headed by Esther Edh and Fabia Moretti. Soon the tracks lead to a lonely farm owned by a well-known mafia leader and the charismatic policeofficer Corrado Sanna makes the controversial decision to send an undercover agent.

Behind a wall of silence, an activity marked by cruelty is slowly discovered and a dangerous cat-and-rat game begins, with a crime syndicate that does not seem to have anything to lose.

At the same time, in a place not far away, a mother sends her little boy out every night on a mission that will have fatal consequences.

In Stockholm, Esther Edh is drawn deeper and deeper into the toxic relationship with her lover. But Johnny follows an evil plan that quickly develops into a threat, even for Esther.

A higher Purose

During an exclusive stag party on the French Riviera, the Swedish citizen Amir Yasin ends up in the middle of a bloody assassination and is deprived of his liberty, suspected of murder. After several terrorist attacks, the situation has hardened in Europe, and the ambitious french investigating judge Philippe Duvernoy is conducting the criminal investigation with an iron fist.

The hunt for the assassins spans several countries, and in The Hague, the Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh and her colorful Italian boss Fabia Moretti are involved in the case. Who is Amir Yasin and what happened at the bar in Juan-les-Pins? The complicated matter will soon be dominated by power games and national district thinking.

Isolated from his family in Stockholm, Amir Yasin fights desperately for justice, but above all for survival in Fleury-Mérogis, one of Europe's largest and most brutal prisons.

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